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Pecan Pie Muffins

I know many of us love pecan pie, especially one that is sweet, chewy, and rich. This dessert is usually served during Thanksgiving and special occasions. But you know what? You actually don’t have to wait for a holiday to come before you can treat yourself and your family as well as friends with a… …

Prawn Feuda

Spanish prawn Feuda recipe We’ve tried this Spanish pasta dish before, but with limited success, however this version was a triumph. We had the proper fideos noodles this time which we think might have helped. As we can’t go on holidays at the moment we thought we’d cook holiday dishes instead. Serve with some aïoli. …

Carrot Milk shake Recipe. How to make Carrot shake

Delicious and nutritious, Ingredients Carrots, cooked Boiled milk kept in freezer of refrigerator – 500 ml Sugar – as per need Cardamom- a few pieces How to Cut the carrot into small pieces . Add the milk into a mixer and add the carrot, sugar and cardomon into it. Mix it well. Chill and serve

Pumpkin Bars

Pumpkin has this sweet, earthy flavor, plus a dense fibrous texture, which makes it an excellent ingredient for baked goods. Pumpkin desserts are perfect during the cooler temperatures of fall or winter. Now, if you love Pumpkin Pie, you will definitely fall in love with these delicious, classic pumpkin bars as well. They are light,… …

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