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Pork Vindaloo . Authentic Pork Vindaloo Recipe

How to make Pork Vindaloo at Home Pork Vindaloo is a delicious dish made from pork meat with large pieces. It is very popular in Kerala, especially in Christian marriages

Dindigul Thalapakatti Chicken Biryani/ Chicken Biryani Recipe

Thalapakkatti biriyani is a delicious chiken dish in Tamil Nadu, especially in and around Dindigul. It is spicy and Yummy.

When In Northeast, Eat as They Do… It’s Pork!

Delicious pork.. Nothing like it https://eastindiastory.com/when-in-northeast-eat-as-they-do-its-pork/

Go Vegan. Vegan weight lose Recipes.

Vegan For Health Actually vegan recipes are great for you as well as nature

shark Masala. Shark Fish Curry recipe. How to make shark Fish Curry

Shark masala. It is about taste as well as power. Excellent sea food

Kerala Style Beef Roast || നാടന്‍ ബീഫ് വരട്ടിയത് ||Nadan Beef Varattiyathu . Beef roast

Kerala and beef.. Like tounge and stomach