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Grandmaster is an Indian Malayalam action thriller film written and directed by B. Unnikrishnan and produced by Ronnie Screwvala and Siddharth Roy Kapur under the production company UTV Motion Pictures.



MohanlalPriyamani, Narain, Anoop Menon,
Babu Antony,
Jagathy Sreekumar, Arjun Nandhakumar.


Mohanlal as Chandrasekhar, an IPS officer who carries the burden of a failed marriage and divorce, is hounded by the ghosts of his past when he begins investigating a series of murders after receiving an anonymous note. He has to find the clues to understand and outwit a serial killer who kills women in the order of their names first letters.To see Malayalam Movie IRUL Revie, Click here

Our Opinion

Thrilling, fast paced, with good action scenes and smart moves. Needless to say, Mohanlal has given a great performance as a Police officer, who is also a loving father and ex husband, who want his family back.Negative- as usual in Indian movie, the serial killer has a logical motive for the killing, as opposed to the serial killer of the West, who kills random people. Secondly, the ending, especially how he finds the killer, is a bit sudden and defies logic

Our Score :


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Spanish prawn Feuda recipe


We’ve tried this Spanish pasta dish before, but with limited success, however this version was a triumph. We had the proper fideos noodles this time which we think might have helped. As we can’t go on holidays at the moment we thought we’d cook holiday dishes instead. Serve with some aïoli. Wine Suggestion: this dish cries […]

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Review of Fahad fazil movie Irul

Irul is a 2021 Indian Malayalam language psychological mystery crime thriller film directed by Naseef Yusuf and jointly produced by Anto Joseph Film Company and Plan J Studios. The movie stars Fahadh Faasil, Soubin Shahir and Darshana Rajendran. The film is available on streaming platform Netflix from 2 April 2021.

Irul movie
Irul movie review. Source. IMD


An unmarried couple goes on a romantic trip. When the car breaks down, they take refuge in a nearby house. The conversation with a stranger reveals one of them is a killer

Our rating : 6/10

Opinion: Good thriller, with too many slippages

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Detailed Review

Caution, Spoiler alert.

Positive point

The film is a good psychological thriller. It is fast paced, with a dark theme, and tries to carry the mystery mood to the end. Good direction, and a very refreshing plot.solid story telling.

But the single biggest positive point would be Fahad Fazil, who has brilliantly scripted such a shaded character. He never ceases to astonish the audience with his screen presence, and transformation.

See Malayalam Movie GRANDMASTER Review Click Here

Negative points

Slippages. A lot of small but significant scenes fortell the story in advance

Like the way in which Alex stop his car. Anyone cann see it is a sudden break and not a car breaking down.

Again, Fahad Fazil telling them that he is a small thief who came to steal, after he has already told them he has read Alex ‘s novel and discussed it in detail. He even showed them the book. To any viewer, it cry out “liar”

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Several more scene with plot holes can be shown

In end, it is an above average psychological crime thriller, with the brilliant acting by Fahad Fazil

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Delicious and nutritious,


Carrots, cooked

Boiled milk kept in freezer of refrigerator – 500 ml

Sugar – as per need

Cardamom- a few pieces

How to

Cut the carrot into small pieces . Add the milk into a mixer and add the carrot, sugar and cardomon into it. Mix it well. Chill and serve

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Pork Vindaloo . Authentic Pork Vindaloo Recipe

How to make Pork Vindaloo at Home

Pork Vindaloo is a delicious dish made from pork meat with large pieces. It is very popular in Kerala, especially in Christian marriages

Pork Vindaloo


Holi, in India, is a festival of colors. We all play with different types of colours, some natural, some made with chemicals. Lathmar Holi, is celebrated a few days before the actual Holi. HOLI It is a festival of great importance, as the Hindu God Shri Krishna and his consort Devi Radha had started this […]


Dindigul Thalapakatti Chicken Biryani/ Chicken Biryani Recipe

Thalapakkatti biriyani is a delicious chiken dish in Tamil Nadu, especially in and around Dindigul. It is spicy and Yummy.

This family dog saved her owner by stopping a car for help

Dog saved owner who had a seizure

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