Amala Paul , Vivek Prasanna, Ramya Subramanyan, Ananya Ramaprasad


Rathna Kumar


Kamini is a free-spirited media anchor who hosts a prank show on TV . However, the morning after a party, she is shocked to find herself naked in an abandoned building.


The movie released on Amazon Prime OTT

Our opinion

First part lags, especially with character intros. Then the suspense builds up and pace increases. But the climax, though unexpected, is preachy . The script seems to be judgemental and shows free spirited women, especially in media, with a negative light. It at least partially justifies the horrors forced on Kamini, who is shown as a courageous modern woman, as just “teaching her a lesson”. Such narrative only strengthens age old patriarchal stereotypes, as shown by the police man who is approached by Kamini’s mother.

One good thing about the movie is the superb acting by Amala Paul

Our score

Entertainment : 5/10

Message : 4/10

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