Apple pie
Make great apple pie

Make great apple mini pie at home. Surprise your dear ones

Making the pie crest

  1. Flour – two cups
  2. Salt – a teaspoon
  3. Sugar – three tablespoons
  4. Cold butter -Squared-Half a cup – two teaspoons
  5. Cold milk – to taste

For apple filling

  1. Apples – four,
  2. small Diced sugar – a quarter cup
  3. Butter – Three tablespoons of cinnamon powder

How to cook

Make sure to cool all ingredients . Keep oven heated to 180 ° C . Keep 8 muffin moulds ready and smear some butter to their side.

Blend the first 4 ingredients of pie crest together. Add milk to the mixture and knead the dough. Cut small circles out of the dough and line the inside and sides of the mould. Excess flour should be cut and replaced. This mould should be kept in the freezer.

Combine the three filling ingredients to prepare the apple filling and cook over a gas stove.

Fill the filling in the pie crust s, and use the remaining dough to cover the top in interesting design

Cook in oven for 25 to 30 minutes

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