Trailer of movie DANGEROUS by Ram Gopal Varma has released on YouTube and social media. The movie, claiming to be the “first Indian lesbian crime thriller”.The trailer, showing a lot of skin, was widely criticised, both for the content as well as the accompanying tweet about ” bad experiences with men”making the characters lesbians.

But is it really the first lesbian crime thriller in India? To answer it, we try a few movies of that genre that has released till now, in theaters or online

1. Girlfriend (Hindi)

Speak Indian lesbian movie, and Girlfriend comes running to mind. Isha Gopikar and Mallika Arora stars in this sleazy flik about a possessive lesbian, who try to hold on to her friend and partner, whom she only manages to seduce once, with a lot of drinks. Criticized by all for the negative LGBT portrayal and excessive cleavage, it was treated to a theatre hit and a soft porn flick

2. Silent Valley (Malayalam)

It portrays an aggressive lesbian, who stays in a cottage in a hill station, and preys on innocent girls using drugs. The story depicts what happens when a girl, who is seduced by her, try to escape

3. Ennathoni (Malayalam)

A newly married couple settle at a Ayurveda resort, owned by the husband. A mysterious female client takes admission, even though she is alright. What is her motive?

Cast: Shakeela, Alphonsa

It was a soft porn Malayalam movie, released at the heights of the mallu soft porn wave

4.Affair (Telugu)

Sunny (Prashanti), Alex (Gitanjali) are two good friends.  Sunny treats herself like a man from the beginning.  During their journey, Sunny falls in love with Alex.  Alex initially opposes Sunny’s love, but then approaches her.  On one occasion they move to a cottage, and are chased by a murderous psycho.

5.Girls (Malayalam)

A group of girls go on a tour to shoot a short film with a lesbian theme. On the way, they meet a stranger woman and the film is about what happened after that. The movie has actress Nadia Moidu as a police officer

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