The fact

Let us face the truth.. The world and India especially, is battling an emergency of never seen before proportions, caused by a new virus about which very little is known officially. A lot of research is going on and some vaccines have been developed, treatment methods being suggested and improvised daily. People are crying out for oxygen and vaccine apoopoopooooppooppppll over the world.

But at same time, a new phenomenon has arisen on internet. Across social media platforms and YouTube, handles and channels are mushrooming, giving free advice for everything, from how to increase oxygen levels to Covid 19 treatment . They oppose known Covid 19 protocols from reputed institutions and give suggestions, including when to use steroids and blood thinners. Some call for first day use of steroid , and other self made protocol, without citing at least peer reviewed studies

The danger

There is nothing more dangerous than half knowledge. Many people, who have either heard about these terms earlier or read about them online, tend to believe these advice, esyfrom handles with Dr. Prefix

Such handles and vedios oppose treatment protocol by doctors and promote self-medication. Beliving followers may sit at home trying unverified advice, endangering their life.

Don’t be foolish

Everyone who puts a “Dr” in Twitter handle may not be a doctor. And even all doctors may not have the complete know how and experience to battle such a disease

Only believe data and information from reputed sources. Double check when possible

Do not self medicate. See your doctor. He will inspect you and tell you about treatment.

Government should take action against all who misuse the power of the net to get a few followers or subscribers for their channel

Because, information may mean life or death

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