Why Biden victory is a defining moment for the world

Joe Biden

The importance of the post of President of the United States , called POTUS in short, can never be overstated. He is the head of one of the biggest superpowers in the world, the captain of the world’s oldest democracy, and Commander in chief of one of the most advanced military force in the world. He takes decisions concerning the biggest military alliances and economic unions in the world, affecting life of almost the entire world population. Hence, the entire world waits with great interest to know who the American population votes to lead them every four years. The character, policies and even his personal opinion is analysed threadbare by legal, media and diplomatic experts all over the world.

In 2020, the world watched the contest with bated breath. What was at stake was not just the fortune of two candidate s or two parties. On one side was sitting President, Donald Trump, a man known for building walls instead of bridges and cutting America out of all major forums of economic, social and climate discussion. He was the face of Global extreme right wing, who actively propogated hatred and lies. Many people even questioned his sanity, as shown by his statements. He advocated arresting and deporting all “illegal ” immigrants from US, a place built by the immigrants after enslaving local population. He failed to control a deadly disease which killed millions of American people.

On the other side was Biden. He was more human, and was the face of inclusive politics. He opposed the right wing politics of hate and bigotry, based on race, color, and religion

On global level, the right wing was rising the world over. From 2014, an extreme right wing government ruled India, the world largest democracy. Their harshness only increased on 2019 reelection , and was in close relationship with Trump. In Europe too, the right wing politics was fast rising, aided by economic insecurity

Hence, when the results of American election 2021 was out, there was a sigh of relief all over the world from educated and well meaning people. This was a vote against the politics of hate, rising all over the world

Trump defeat not only shook the foundation of American right wing, who tried to storm the Capitol Hill. It gave great hope to the peace loving millions all over the world. Even in nations under other right wung fascist government s, the people began to rise up and question the government on issues that matter. One example would be the farmers question the draconian farm laws in India and the Indian PM address, called Mann ki Baat (sound of the mind) getting millions of dislike all over net. The NGOs are back, fighting for individual rights and a cleaner world, and better climate.

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