How to earn money from Facebook page

    One can earn money from Facebook pages, but it is never easy. Let us see how Facebook pages can help you earn money. Following steps help to earn money from Facebook

Today, Facebook is no longer a simple website. It is a medium, a world in itself. Entire populations use it for communication, for bringing people together. Facebook pages give people information or views based on a variety of subjects.

1. Decide a Subject for your Facebook page. Successful pages deal with specific or a group of subjects, so that the followers can expect what comes next

2. Start with a good name. Don’t go just for meaning, a name should be catchy and easy to remember

3. Identify your audience.. their age group, interest, timing…

4. Keep posting relevant and interesting material. Try to engage the audience

5. Ask your friends for likes and reviews.

6. Use Facebook ads. Especially if you have time constraints. Facebook is a pay to use platform, disguised as free.

7. Once you have enough likes on page and enough reach with people spending time on your page you can monetize the page

8. You can allow payed posts by interested parties

9. Another way is by Facebook page monetization.. that we will tell another day

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