Naagin 3 Written story update 17 March 2019

Bella and Vikranth fight Hukum and his men. Bela hits down all men of Hukum. Bela let’s herself be taken by Hukkum to save Vishaka. Later, she tries to escape but is captured by Hukkum, who sent a fake Bela to Mahir. Mahir recognize that Bela is fake and confront her, when Fake Bela disappear. Bela confront Hukkum who show her his real face. He also tell her that he wants her to bear his offspring who will start a new Vansh.Later he sent her back after affecting her with some rays to eyes, probably hypnotizing her. Later, every one home is worried that Bela behave strangely and do not tell anything.

Bela has a dream in which she see Hukkum in her home. She tries to hit him with a vase when lights come and a new character enters, who ask her if she saw him in his dream

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